At Kennesaw State University my world turned upside down… suddenly I was surrounded by people who despised my conservative values and demonized our way of life for sport.

That’s when I got involved in the fight.  To me, Georgia values are worth taking ground for.

Our culture.

Our institutions.

Our election integrity.

Our liberties.

As a former campaign staffer for Republican candidates across the state and a leader in Students for Trump, I gave it my all to re-elect our President and fellow conservatives in 2020.

The people of Georgia and America have been betrayed. For decades the politicians that we elected have gone to the capitol with one purpose in mind…enriching themselves.

  • State House Republicans have NOT taken on Stacey Abrams, they gave tax credits to out-of-state Hollywood producers and liberal corporations.
  • The pro-life Heartbeat bill didn’t go far enough nor did it take effect.
  • Almost zero of them called for a Special Session to STOP Presidential Electors going to Biden, and now the election is stolen.
  • And to make matters worse, the illegal alien and gang crime in Georgia that they promised to stop has only increased.

In 2020, we felt the effects of these good-for-nothing, elitist politicians. Politicians who locked us down and closed our churchescaved to Black Lives Matter radicals…and sat back while Critical Race Theory infested our public school systems.

Now Republicans are letting Stacey Abrams and her liberal groups ABUSE the people of Georgia.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We need more Marjorie Greenes and fewer Mitt Romneys.

I’ve taken on radical Marxists for years now, even when I had to stand alone.

I am not afraid to do it again.

Let’s continue the legacy of our Founding Fathers, build on the success of our President, Donald J. Trump and defend our Georgia Values.

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