Why I’m Running

Conservatives in Paulding County are tired of RINO Republicans that fail to work for their constituents and represent the values of the electorate. It is time to send bold leadership into the State House.

  • No more cocktail parties.
  • No more backroom deals.
  • No more go-along-to-get-along good ol’ boys.

Conservatives are demanding representatives who will fight for their values no matter the pressure.

My name is Neil Wolin, and I am running for State Representative HD17 to be an activist legislator.

I will be a loud and confrontational voice for Paulding County, and I will provide strong representation that brings a true conservative voice to Atlanta.

Georgia is a red state, and I am running to ensure it acts like one. Weak and spineless good ol’ boys have failed us.

  • Election security failed on Republican watch.
  • School-choice legislation failed on Republican watch.
  • Hollywood and woke corporations took hold of our state on Republican watch.

The Democrats have created a deep institutional takeover on Republican watch.

It’s time for a REAL Republican.

I want to stop Georgia from being stolen into a blue state.

  • I’ll fight for election integrity and seek an end to the Hollywood tax credits.
  • Georgia must abolish the State Income Tax and stop wasteful handouts.
  • Covid vaccine requirements for work, or any vaccine passport efforts must be banned NOW, and lockdown restrictions can never be permitted to happen again.
  • Illegal Immigrants should be systematically deported from the State of Georgia. I don’t care where they go, they just can’t stay here.
  • Local schools must ensure that we are educating patriotic Americans for our Country’s future, and communist colleges should be defunded until their deeply-rooted Marxism is eradicated.

Paulding County does not have to tolerate weak legislators.

I am running for State Representative to restore confidence in our State House seat.

There must be trust between the community and the representative, and I will always have an open door.

I am asking you to join a true patriotic movement and support my campaign for Georgia House 17.

Neil Wolin is a Candidate for Georgia State House District 17.